Areas of Expertise
Lawyers who understand technology.   We pride ourselves of being passionate about technology as much as our clients.
By operating in an area where law, business and technology converge we are perfectly placed to assist clients in all their technology related legal requirements.

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Software
    1. Drafting and negotiating software license agreements
    2. IP transfer agreements
    3. Software Maintenance agreements
    4. Offshore and outsourcing agreements
    5. Disputes
    6. Escrow Agreements
  • Hardware
    1. Supply agreements
    2. Support and Maintenance Agreements
  • Cloud
    1. SAAS
    2. IAAS
  • Website & Domain Names
    1. Website development agreements
    2. Hosting Agreements
    3. Domain name transfer agreements
    4. Cybersquatting
  • Employee related matters


Areas of Expertise